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Shenzhen Airlines Cathay is a focus on industrial robot development and system integration of the science and technology enterprises.

The company's main business is sheet metal stamping industry, and in the spraying, welding, grinding and polishing industry has application extension, in response to China made 2025, we began to sheet metal stamping industry intelligent development.

We will combine the design of integrated design and industry, industrial robot automation, large feeding platform, security protection, quick change touch, equipment maintenance, etc., to reduce customer equipment communication process of transformation.

  • 2004

    The company set up "Shenzhen"

  • 2005

    Five axis reciprocating machine in spray coating industry

  • 2006

    Research on control system of spraying reciprocating machine

  • 2007

    Spraying reciprocating machines, domestic shipments first

  • 2008

    Moved to Dongguan and involved in the field of industrial robots, agents and integration of foreign brands

  • 2009

    Import robot for reconstruction and maintenance

  • 2011

    Involved in the field of stamping automation

  • 2013

    The company moved to Shenzhen again, and mainly engaged in stamping automation

  • 2014

    Signed a strategic agreement, and Guangzhou international sales agent and all 20 industrial robot

  • 2015

    Access to national high-tech enterprises certification

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